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Dott.Marianne Merchez
Maurizio Cheli

Marianne Merchez is a physician, certified in aerospace medicine and in industrial medicine, professional pilot (former co-pilot Boeing 737) and consultant in human factors.

Her predilection field is human relationships and communication and she integrates her training in brief systemic therapy and ericksonian hypnosis in daily personal and professional situations.

By using effective listening and applying specific tools she realizes a personal accompaniment in problem solving, changes and transitions situations as well as in crisis management.

Detection and screening of any possible dysfunction can be done and use is made of any available resource to go beyond productivity towards human well-being all around.

The consultation is facilitating self-awareness, pointing on one’s aspiration and desire, searching self-fulfilment, meeting personal needs while taking into consideration the reality of the environment.

Stimulating everyday’s life daring new projects and releasing creativity helps the individual to get back in touch with oneself. Also, being mentally prepared to grasp opportunities in an ever moving and thus challenging world is a contributing factor to achieve success.

By investing on self-development, results are clearly beneficial to the whole system.